All set for Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s 2023 annual honor ceremony, Remnants Give Reasons Why They Honor Their Prophet

All set for Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s 2023 annual honor ceremony, Remnants Give Reasons Why They Honor Their Prophet

As the sun dips below the horizon, preparations are in high gear for Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s 2023 annual honor ceremony.

Across the universe, the Remnant Revolution is preparing to embrace the magic of this upcoming annual celebration, anticipation is building, hearts are racing, and a sense of excitement permeates the air.

To the Remnants and friends of Zoe Fellowship Ministries, Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s 2023 annual honor ceremony is their most eagerly awaited event of the year and this time it will once again paint the town in vibrant hues of joy and wonder.

This year, it’s going to be the 6th time Remnants and friends of Zoe Fellowship Ministries celebrate and recognize the impact that Prophet Elvis Mbonye has had on people’s lives both in Uganda and globally, they also celebrate his impressive record of giving prophecies that have unfolded in their complete divine times.

The celebration which will be spearheaded by an American gospel singer Paul Wilbur is to be attended by a number of classical congregations spilling over from Religious circles, Politicians, Pentecostal leaders, the Music and Arts industry, the Sports sector, and many others.

At its core, Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s honor celebration units people from all walks of life. It transcends boundaries, both geographical and cultural, as it brings together individuals with a shared love for celebration, connection, and exploration.

The diverse array of attendees, each with their unique stories and backgrounds, creates an enriching tapestry of human experiences with a majestic reason of thanking God as they honor their beloved Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

In a series of interviews conducted by this website, different Remnants have vociferously stated why they honor their prophet every year come 1st September.

Prophet Ronnie Kabwama of Limitless Worship Nairobi Kenya said that the Remnants every year honor their prophet to show their gratitude to God for a gift (Prophet Elvis Mbonye) He has given Uganda as a country and internationally.

“I would emphatically say honor is of God and it’s a kingdom culture that God set in place, if God did not see it worthy scriptures would not have talked about it. 1 Timothy 5:17- 18 gives us a clear explanation. Now to a man like Prophet Elvis Mbonye who has actually made Uganda experience peace. He has prayed day in and day out to make sure that things are stable both at the individual and government level, he must be honored. As the subjects of the Kabaka of Buganda go and honor their Kabaka with gifts and words of praise, that is what we also do. Remember honour has no formula. God actually told us to honor a man and give praise where it’s due,” he said.

Prophet Miriam Ebwor Akong explained to Watchdog Uganda that honoring their prophet is in line with God’s ordinances because it’s good to celebrate the servants of God and to give honor to the mouthpiece of God.

“Now Uganda as a nation has been blessed with the great gift of the prophetic and that is Prophet Elvis Mbonye. We have seen him give prophecies concerning nations and he has preserved them. It’s a time we have seen nations prosper because they have believed in the prophetic. So, 1st September is such an awesome day that we gather and honor this great mouthpiece of God, we celebrate, acknowledge, and thank God for the gift of Prophet Elvis Mbonye,” she said.

Prophet Akong explained that as they are honoring their prophet, they are giving honor where it’s due since the scriptures assert that ‘Believe in the Lord and you shall be established, believe His prophets and you shall prosper’ therefore they are doing it as a way of thanking God for blessing them with the great gift of Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

Another Remnant who preferred to be called Jo also informed Watchdog Uganda that one of the reasons why he honors Prophet Elvis Mbonye is because he is a true prophet of God for spirituality who helped him to build up his faith through his prophetic guidance and utterances.

Quoting Romans 10:17, Jo noted that after building up his faith he diligently began following the prophetic instructions which by faith he took as the Voice of God through Prophet Elvis, and the obstacles in his life began to fall by reason of the prophetic guidance.

“The Holy Spirit led me to Prophet Elvis, the Holy Spirit could have led me to anyone else but He didn’t, and being an innovator and businessman, we know that we live in a natural world that demands proof and evidence before it can approve, attest to and honor something or someone. Well, my testimony in the Realm of Jesus Christ is that proof and evidence as to why I in turn honor the workings of Jesus Christ in my Life through Prophet Elvis Mbonye,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Remnant Revolution started celebrating Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s annual honor ceremony six years back on 1st September 2017, however, currently, its allure lies not only in its promise to be a feast for the senses but also in its ability to transcend the ordinary and a true testament to the harmonious coexistence of the past and the present.

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