Why we celebrate super-natural prosperity

Why we celebrate super-natural prosperity

The rich rule over the poor, poverty is sin and that is why Jesus Christ was made poor that we the remnant of God may be made exceedingly rich.

This is our gospel, it's a gospel of dominion, and we are very unapologetic about our extravagant demonstration of wealth, affluence, influence and all the excellence that would define the glory of God.

We are out to show off, to demonstrate and make a name for our God in the earth. We are out to offend and subdue every form of knowledge that is contrary to the grace of God that brings super natural prosperity where in all manner of blessing is freely bestowed upon us as the sons of God.

The gospel of the Kingdom of God or rulership of God has its foundation in the revelation of the fatherhood of God and the glory of sonship to every believer as revealed in Jesus Christ. If God is truly your Father, then you are by inheritance everything that God is and you have everything that God has in your spirit.

This was God's original intention when he said in Genesis 1:26, let us create man in our image; which means you have the structure of God. And Genesis 1:26, in our likeness, which means you were created to function like God in the earth. This function is what Adam lost in the fall and it is what the Lord Jesus Christ came to restore in the earth.

Repentance is a change in perspective towards God and therefore towards oneself since man is the reflection of God on earth. Yet a reflection wields no power of its own but that of the object it reflects.

When the knowledge of God is veiled in the mind of man, the man is said to be in a fallen state because the mind of man is the mirror of God and the control tower of his life in the earth. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The experience of every man is a clear witness of what the man believes.

The word Father means, source, origin, foundation, spring, genesis. This revelation of God as our Father is what defines our position, our vision, our purpose and our destiny as the Remnants of God. This is why we esteem Prophet Elvis Mbonye our spiritual because he is the demonstration of Christ to us, a man approved of God with great signs and wonders and exceedingly Great wealth.

Now all ends run true to their origin. As long as your father is a dog, you will always be a dog, your prosperity, your relationships, your perspective your livelihood, and every other thing about you will always be doggy. You are a dog by nature.

But if your Father is God, the God of Prophet Elvis Mbonye, if you surely believe and are fully persuaded in your heart that you are the seed of God -that what is true of the Almighty God is true of you- then your experience can only turn out as the God experience in every aspect.

Your life will be in perfect alignment with God. You will have the experience of heaven on earth. This is what our father Prophet Elvis Mbonye has imparted and brought us into by revelation. As the Remnant of God in the earth what cannot affect God cannot affect us, what cannot put down God cannot prevail against us. Everything that God owns in his right as the Creator and possessor of all, is ours to enjoy as heirs to His throne.

This revelation is what gives us absolute dominion over all things, over all nations, over all kingdoms, over all thrones, visible and invisible. To be, consumed and preoccupied with the force of this divine revelation is to be transformed and conformed to Christ whose glory has been consistently revealed and demonstrated with unprecedented signs and wonders.

This is the high calling of God upon us. It is in our nature to be exceedingly rich, it is who we are! To deny that we are super rich and blessed beyond measure would be hypocrisy. We are that rock of stumbling that God has set in the earth to offend and provoke every unbeliever to jealousy so that God may crush their unbelief and hand their wealth to us; as it is written the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.

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The writer is a minister at Zoe Fellowship