Consciousness: Your Door To Reality Part 2

Written By: Prophet Elvis Mbonye

God is not lost, nor has He chosen to hide Himself from His creation. When it does appear so, leading to the quest many have embarked on to find Him, it is precisely because man is either lost or somewhat hidden from God’s realm.

From the genesis of time, this has always been the reason God seemed hidden from man – man’s ‘fallen’ state. Do you remember when the first man Adam, like so many today, attempted to hide himself from God. Who found the other? It was God, not man, because, unlike man, God is never lost. God is always where He was and is and will be eternally.

Now, after being ‘found’ and Born Again, many still lapse back into a state in which God’s realities seem lost to them, and they do not understand from whence they have fallen. For such, it is expedient that they understand the role their consciousness plays to either open up or close down the realm of God to them.

It’s most probable that word has reached you about so-called ‘open heavens’ or ‘closed heavens’. Hasn’t it? Well, that myth is only a symptom of the ignorance folks have about consciousness and its role in experiencing realities at different levels. So, the conclusion that there must be a ‘closed heaven’ is arrived at when at the moment folks seem to encounter difficulties in experiencing God. And the reverse conclusion is reached when God’s realities seem easily accessed.

You may remember, however, that the heavens were opened the day Jesus was baptized, and, there’s no record thereafter that they were ever closed again. Why some, therefore, insinuate about ‘open heavens’ or ‘closed heavens’, I do not know.

It is never an issue of either an open or closed heaven, but that of either an open or closed consciousness to God.

No man or woman living on this side of the Cross – after Jesus’ death and resurrection – should ever subscribe to this ‘hidden God’ or ‘out-of-reach God’ misconception. Don’t you remember that after Jesus’ death, the veil into God’s dwelling place (the holy of holies) was rent open, signifying that God would from then be openly accessible to whomever?

What a great relief it is to know that God is not playing ‘hide and seek’ with us! God’s desire is that we may find Him more real everyday than everything else we experience here on earth.

There is an instruction to this end. Romans 12:2 says, ‘And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God’.

Accordingly, we may only prove or experience God’s realities by transcending this present finite world or age, and this can only be arrived at by having our minds or soul or consciousness renewed by words or perceptions from the infinite realm of God!

Therefore, we must give ourselves over to all that tends to develop us towards the infinite, to the attainment of a closer companioning with God.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye