Consciousness: Your Door To Reality Part 3

Written By: Prophet Elvis Mbonye

In our quest to find the relationship between consciousness and reality we must necessarily pose the question why anything exists at all, instead of there simply being nothing.

Nothing can exist for you that does not have a specific effect upon you. And without having an effect upon someone else, neither can it exist for them. Turn your back towards any object you previously had in view and what happens? That’s right, the object simply disappears! Actually, the object remains in existence, but for you it becomes non-existent at that moment.

Now, that is true on the physical level of existence as well as on the spiritual plane, your consciousness being the knob of attunement.

We know that whatever we seek to comprehend reaches us physically through the five senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. And that which is perceived is that which is real – to us. Someday, however, we will make a discovery which some, this writer inclusive, have made that there is a greater range of existence or reality than can be perceived by the natural field of vision. At that moment, the infinite field of reality swings open to us, then we are able to view or perceive ‘hidden’ realities.

I have experienced transcendent moments where I have been able to view such entities of another realm such as angels and demons. This, at times, has appeared as though it were those spiritual entities that did break into my realm. However, several times it was because I, through a process of attunement, altered my state of consciousness beyond my natural field of vision to a higher state of consciousness.

You too can develop your consciousness to a level it transcends your natural field of vision. What awe-striking discoveries await you on this higher phase of existence! You see, behind all manifestations on this physical plane of existence are spiritual forces and entities. And so reality is realized on this higher phase of existence.

Again, attunement of consciousness is key in unveiling higher realms of reality. Reality unfolds where conscious attention is focused.

The non-miraculous life is lived in the realm of the senses. It is a life that anticipates nothing but what reason can account for. However, deep-seated within man is a yearning for a transcendent life. No one can ever claim in all honesty that there’s never been a moment in their life when they’ve yearned for a miracle. This deep-seated yearning for the miraculous actually testifies of a higher level of existence within our being.

Now, our consciousness must be brought in harmony with this higher phase of existence for us to experience the transcendent life. For you see, our lives are a manifestation of either the expanse or limitation we set in our consciousness.

To be continued…

Prophet Elvis Mbonye