Who is Prophet Elvis Mbonye?

Who is Prophet Elvis Mbonye?
Who is Prophet Elvis Mbonye?

In the run up to the Kenyan general elections in February 2013 Raila Odinga was the much fancied candidate to the presidency, if the media coverage and political commentators were the yardstick.

But in the election month, specifically on February 19th, 2013, Prophet Elvis Mbonye from Uganda foretold that Uhuru Kenyatta, an overwhelming underdog at the time was going to win the presidency.

“I’m seeing the nation of Kenya but then I also see one particular man, I don’t know their candidates properly, but one particular man who is the son of Kenyatta his figure is coming out and solely coming out,” Prophet Elvis said during the Tuesday weekly fellowship that he still holds to-date. The rest is history.

Yet this is only a sneak peek into the wonder of a man that runs a one hour weekly broadcast on NTV Kenya airing every Sunday starting at 0900hours East African Time.

“In some circles, he might be labeled a modern day mystic. However, what would perfectly define him is the biblical calling the prophet,” an excerpt from his website reveals in reference to his eerie ability to see far beyond the physical eyes.

Over the years Prophet Mbonye has consistently foretold many events that have all been fulfilled with staggering accuracy, which has been the foremost testimony to his heavenly calling.

Besides Kenyatta, he has foretold the rise and fall of various global political figures including the election of Tanzania’s John Pombe Magufuli, Donald Trump in 2016, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, DRC’s Felix Tshisekedi, Robert Mugabe among others.

Prophet Mbonye’s vision has not been limited to the political arena. In both 2017 and 2018 he foretold various winners of the annual Oscar awards. It is worth noting that in both instances the prophecies were given way before the nominees had been announced.

He has also veered into natural events including one of the deadliest disasters the 2004 Tsumani at the end of which approximately 300,000 people has died. He picked the exact date on which it occurred; December 26 hence its moniker; the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Prophet Mbonye, who in various media interviews has challenged audiences to find just one man in the world with more fulfilled prophecies than him, says that the prophecies are only signs meant to subdue nations before the glory of God, that they may consult God on whatever is supposed to happen.

According to his website, “Besides prophesying, Elvis Mbonye also unveils phenomenal insight into the universal principles of God, and thus life, through revelatory discourses that are Biblically sound. The objective is to grant people and experiential realization of the eternal God beyond inherited or learned belief.”