What it means to honor

On 1st September 2017, Uganda honored Prophet Elvis Mbonye. Just to give you a brief into the caliber of Prophet he is, he is the prophet God has assigned over the nations in our day. This means that in our generation, he is God’s strategy for the Restoration, Preservation and Prosperity of the nations. 

To receive him at that level is to honor the Lord who has sent him. A man or nation that receives him at this level partakes of what he carries. By now, you can tell that certain men like him are by election of God (Rom 9:11). When you acknowledge and honor them, you come under the spirit operating in them, which is Christ’s.

Whatever we did on 1st September was more a revelation than what any scripture can put forth outwardly. The reason the three wise men bowed to Baby Jesus was because of the spiritual revelation (the heavenly star) they got about him. There was nothing outwardly appealing to attract that kind of honour. Or even to believe that God was in that baby.

Those accusing us of bowing to a man seem to know where God dwells. Could they show us where He is so that we go and bow to Him? In 1Jn 4:3 we learn that every Spirit that does not acknowledge that Christ IS COME in the FLESH is  the ANTICHRIST. Spirits are invisible and so they need to be discerned. Let the critics discern the Spirit by which they are speaking.  Meanwhile it was by free will and not coercion. A time has come where public and religious opinions are nothing to reckon with when handling spiritual matters. A line has been drawn in the spirit realm. It’s now for men to cross and enter a new glory.

God is not mute. I remember in Numbers Chapter 16 a similar exchange arose through Korah and his cohorts because of the level of honour that was accorded to Moses at the time. Personally, I prefer Moses’ response to the matter then (Num 16:5). In a blink of an eye, the Lord will reveal those who are on his side.

That said and understood, as remnants, we were driven by the Spiritual revelation we have from God about who Prophet Elvis is to do what we did on 1st September and we’re very unapologetic about our actions. This is what makes it difficult to explain to a man of the natural senses even though he may have the whole bible in his head. Remember with all the scripture that the scribes, pharisees and priests knew, they neither could tell when Christ was born nor who He was. This is why they fought Him. 

On several occasions, Jesus in His day  referred to Himself as the Son of man. But He never stopped anyone from bowing or even worshipping Him since bowing to Him was the same as doing it to The One who sent Him. “He who receiveth you receiveth Me, and he who receiveth Me receives Him who sent Me.” Math 10:40

The most important thing is to know who you are bowing to. Who does he represent in your life. As remnants, we know that Prophet Elvis is a man sent from God unto us.  By receiving and honoring Prophet Elvis Mbonye we receive and honour The Christ operating in him. 

Wisdom K Peter