To The Heirs Of Gold

Thank you for honouring Prophet Elvis Mbonye at a beautiful and regal 1st September Honour Gala that the nation had never seen. The Remnants of God set a new precedent of honour for generations to come. Your response and love for the Prophet was beyond overwhelming.  

You are special agents of God’s Kingdom and are part of an exclusive group of Kings who are unquestioningly destined to flourish and dominate in all sectors and domains on earth by His Prophet. The evening you honoured God’s Prophet, Elvis Mbonye, God propelled you into greater dimensions of the flow in authority, dominion and prosperity – in all aspects of your life under His umbrella. Beyond the mighty financial grace transference during the ‘golden handshake’ that those of you who were present received by the Prophet on June 2017, the 1st September gala was your quantum leap into the good land flowing with milk and honey as the God of Prophet Elvis Mbonye himself came down to break the bonds of Egypt upon His People delivering them into a good land by His Prophet. Thank you for taking the time and sacrifice to openly and unreservedly honour the mighty Prophet of God. 

A special thank you to you, the heirs of gold, for your unreserved support and love that you showed throughout all the plans towards honouring the Prophet at this special gala. Every service and gift that each one of you gave was surely an odour of sweet smell to the Lord. Our lives are forever changed!

Heirs of Gold, continue to connect with this grace and expect a superior life and lifestyle because the grace is alive and active even now as the world comes to the brightness of our rising, glory to God!