The New Breed of Believers

The New Breed of Believers

OP-ED: If anything spreads faster than fire in Nairobi, it has to be gossip. Not just any grapevine gossip for that matter, it has to be something deemed exciting, juicy, unique, peculiar, glamorous or a combination of all that. What they call ‘udaku 411’. Needless to say, exciting juicy info somehow always finds itself on Twitter. The Kenyans on Twitter never disappoint and will get the topic trending within seconds. What I call real time news updates, far way quicker than mainstream media.

If you are one with your ears on the ground with the latest ‘udaku 411’ you would be aware of the highlight of the past week that made Nairobi come to a standstill. If not, I got you covered and am here to give you all the juicy info. The day was Wednesday, 1st September 2021. A beautiful sunny day filled with a myriad of activities happening at the Safari park Hotel and Casino. The hall was beautifully set up. Chairs neatly tuck in and tables set up in a kingly fashion. The gold and white decorations complemented with flashy party lights completed the exquisite look that is only comparable to royalty. The invited guests were all stunning in long gowns for the ladies and fitting tuxedos for the gents.

So why all the fuss and pomp anyway? That day marked the beginning of a new year in the Remnant calendar. Remnant meaning God’s chosen ones- those set apart to do His will. A day where the remnants get to honour God’s chosen prophet for this generation Prophet Elvis Mbonye.He is the president and founder of Zoe Fellowship which is based in Kampala, Uganda. His prophetic calling is indisputable, having an unmatched record of prophetic fulfillment over the years. The anointing he carries preserves enlarges and prospers as testified by the thousands of remnants who bear witness of this grace in their personal lives.

Now back to the event, it was almost 7pm. Traffic on the roads gave way to the Prophet’s motorcade. The siren and flashing lights indicated his arrival. Cheers and jubilation welcomed him as he entered the hall. Fireworks and confetti added more colour to his grand entrance. What followed were heartwarming performances exalting and giving thanks to the name of God and various prophetic updates of prophecies that have come to pass. Finally, the long-awaited moment when he took the mic and stepped on the stage reached.

He began by mentioning His fond love for Kenya and proclaimed a special blessing for the nation for hosting the celebration. The prophet mentioned the move of the spirit of God in this time when he is restoring everything back to the heavenly image and rolling back the darkness that has stifled the progress of the church all in the name of a disease. He warned men and women who would stand against the move of God that the judgement of God would not spare them. He urged the body of Christ to favor the righteous cause of Christ above all things . These among many deep revelations is just a sneak peak of what he unveiled that special night. Let me not be a spoiler. More on what he shared and the details of the honor celebrations can be found on the Prophet’s Facebook page at Prophet Elvis Mbonye. The event was streamed live with over 30,000 viewers worldwide, not to mention the wild buzz across all other social media platforms where people shared highlights of that special day.

Well that is it for now from the grapevine. But before the final bow, all this gets me thinking of this new breed of believers- the remnants of God. They are peculiar people who live out the long-forgotten truths from Biblical times in honoring men and women of God. In recognizing God’s active participation in the affairs of men and heeding to the voice of His chosen servants. What can the church in Kenya and the world at large learn from this? Will the church of God in Kenya give heed to secularism or will it awaken to the eternal truths of the life of God? The voice of God has spoken through his prophet. Will we take heed to what God is saying? Or will we be forever in the shadows of doubting Thomas? Can we get to the place where we actually know the existence of the fake is actually evidence of the existence of the real? We thank God for the remnants of God who stand in the gap for the nation and intercede for the will of God to be done on earth. It is my prayer as a church and as a nation, we give heed to the move of the Spirit of God at this time. So help us, God.

Compiled By:
Shannon Mujera