• POC- Beauty Queen!

    At the Point of Contact (POC) service of 2nd August 2016, I came with Miss Uganda application forms, my old cracked phone, passport, ATM card, my mom's shawl and a drawing of the hair I wanted to have in 3 years. Prophet Elvis told us to put up our POCs and after he prayed, he said, "Receive what you have come for." Within my heart, I received with...Read More

    Leah Kagasa - Miss Uganda 2016
  • IT CAME TO PASS – The Book!

    In 2012, before I encountered Zoe fellowship and Prophet Elvis Mbonye, I was at what could have been my lowest spiritual level. I had lost all the passion for ministry and was just getting by. I wasn't even enjoying my marriage. I got to know Prophet Elvis Mbonye through friends who invited me for the launch of Prophet's book, "Tasting the Powers o...Read More

    King David Tusubira

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