Prophetic Decree

Now in the name of Jesus, by the Spirit of the most high God, you are brought into this place; that He has brought you here to take you into, to bring you into. The place that I have lived in and tasted for years. The place where your life is a miracle, everything about your life. Now come into that place now. Share with me that glory. Share with me that grace. In the name of Jesus.

Now I decree as a Prophet of God, that your life is preserved there; you shall not go out again. Your life is protected there in the name of Jesus. I decree as a prophet of God that your life is prophetic in the name of Jesus. Now I release that very power that works wonders every morning and afternoon and night and as you sleep, into your life in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It covers you and causes you to explode with exuberance; with joy in the name of Jesus. This entire week may everything that concerns you be a miracle, be a wonder, in the name of Jesus. It is done.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

October 31, 2017



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