Letter From The General

Thank you for the marvelous work that you are continuously doing as the Prophet Elvis Mbonye Finance Army. I have seen many of you rise to the occasion time and again as Finance Managers of the Ministry. The Lord is surely raising great Leaders in this generation by His Prophet.

In the month of June we launched the Heirs Of Gold Partners campaign at a Special Breakfast that hosted Prophet Elvis. The Man of God tremendously blessed us and I know that we all left transformed and ushered to a much higher level of operation in our finances as well as other areas of life especially after that famous golden handshake and impartations we receive at the Tuesday Fellowship!

Heirs of Gold, you outdid yourselves this 1st September when you all came together to put up the very best to honor the Prophet to the Nations, Prophet Elvis Mbonye pioneering something that the world is still marveling at and this is surely how we do it! Thank you for all your participation in what the Spirit ordained us to do, no doubt the Lord received your sacrifice acceptably.

Even as we enter the last quarter of the year, it is the season for us to heighten our awareness of the obligations at hand even as we have been established in green pastures after the 1st of September. To whom much is given much is required (Luke 12:48). Purpose to meet your responsibility as you partner. For those of you that had pledged towards the Shs350 Million drive, kindly meet your pledge. We are also raising an army of financiers whose responsibility is to take up the privilege of handling all that pertains to the prophet and we know that he is the conduit through which the Lord has purposed to bless, preserve and prosper this generation in all areas of our lives including our finances.

We as the Finance team are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make payments easy for you. The Debit Card payment system is up and running. Partners, the MTN Mobile Money payment system is now in place in addition to the website beyonic system and Airtel Money that many of you have used successfully. Payments go directly to our bank account in real time and are easy to track when you pay through the shot code mobile money payment procedures that have been communicated in the group structure.

I encourage all the groups to build up one another, for every member to participate. Ensure that your group leaders keep you updated with new developments that are regularly communicated to them by social media. No one should be left behind. The group is a unit, a family to look out for one another even as we grow in partnership with the Prophet, remember one can put to flight a thousand, two ten thousand… Let the Army Much on!


Mr. Akankwasa Ronald

Board Chairman Prophet Elvis Mbonye Ministries &

Head, Finance Department Prophet Elvis Mbonye Ministries