Honoring My Father

Honoring my Father was about receiving a prophetic reward; demonstrating what I have received by impartation from him and definitely stirring the worldly system by confounding the wisdom of the spirit of this age.

To do all this, I had to do the unimaginable and uncommon to the fool. In the run up to September 1st, I asked the Lord what it meant to honor Prophet Elvis Mbonye and in a clear voice, He told me… ”any man that will take Him at his word will get scriptural experiences with undeniable evidence which will be stumbling to some; but to those that will acknowledge, they will learn, partake and highly demonstrate the same”.

Succinctly, the Holy Spirit whispered, “Prophet Elvis Mbonye is an epistle in this age”. That’s why honoring Prophet Elvis Mbonye is an inexplicable experience. I can vividly remember at the Partners meeting when the announcement was made that we would be given an opportunity to honor the unparalleled Mr. Future

I just couldn’t help it when the tagline; “This is how we do!” was unveiled. As the D-day drew nigh, I declared a full week of preparing my mind and spirit to receive my Prophet.

On the D-day, armed with my platinum weapon, I hit the grounds by 2pm. As the horns were blown after 6pm; a cold chill went down my spine, my blood almost clotted. The Prophet was now in the house, the glamour, glory, excellence, ululations and heavenly breeze filled the venue. I breathed the crisp heavenly air knowing my father breathed the same.

The host of angels was more than what we witness at Tuesday fellowships. At last, the moment of honor was here! I held my sweetest perfume to bring at his feet and with the glory I saw at my Father’s throne, I bowed and kiss his shoes; this was the most joyous moment of love.  As I lay down and as in a trance, an apparel of authority and boldness clothed me-in that moment. I experienced the manifest presence of God in its fullness…forever, I am changed.

Simon Ssenyonga