Prophetic Utterance

“Thus says the Holy Ghost, ‘It is yours to dream and mine to perform.’ ‘And mine to bring it to pass,’ says the Spirit of the Lord. ‘Stretch forth your dream; let the boundaries of your dreams expand with such a breadth, such a depth and a height, so much wide for your finite mind to contain. And you shall know that my power that worketh in you is indeed true for you. And you shall know that indeed, the same power that rose your Lord from the grave worketh in you. That you may know that I have loved you and that I stick with you and I will never leave you nor forsake you. That you may know that I am your father and you are my child. And that you may know that all that is mine is yours,’ says the Spirit of the living God.”
“’It is I that give breath,’ says the Spirit. ‘It is I that give life,’ says the Spirit of the Lord. ‘Look nowhere else for it is I that is your very life. I never slumber nor sleep; I have not forgotten; I know your heart’s desire. I look unto you, I look unto my word that concerns you to hasten it; to perform it. Have you not known, that I which have begun a good work in you, will bring it to fulfilment? I shall not leave you half baked. Whosoever shall call upon my name,’ says the Spirit, ‘Shall not be put to shame. You shall not be put to shame. With your eyes you shall see that faithful is my name,’ says the Spirit of the living God.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

December 5, 2017


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