Prophetic Utterance

There is a new wave of His glory that I see coming and the Spirit of God says I tell you to prepare for it. We are approaching a season in the Spirit where a new wine shall be poured out here. The Spirit of God says it shall be a season of freshness; it shall be a season of newness; it shall be a season where the last shall be made first. The Spirit of God says, the workings of this new wine, of this new grace will require you to position yourself differently. The Lord says if you shall know it and accept it and prepare that indeed this is my grace, my new wine unlike any other and you shall come knowing that you are walking into a new place; I shall cause you to taste of those things which only you shall be the first to taste. And I shall cause you to be an example to others. That they may see you and they may behold that indeed it is I that works in my children and extend them into places, into experiences, into situations and conditions that so many have longed for and many, so many have not even conceived that it is possible; it is within their realm of possibility. But I speak to you my child that you may prepare and in preparing, that you may be able to recognize and know that it is I your Father that calls you and opens this new door for you. That you may walk in, into places; that you may walk into possibilities that are reserved for this generation.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

November 21, 2017


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