Prophetic Utterance

“The Spirit of God says look not to yesterday’s experience. He says, ‘I make all things new and my mercies are new every morning. Your yesterday has gone stale my child, do not look back. Whatever you had started and it was hang in the balance, I your Father, release a new grace upon you and upon that which concerns you and I revive it, that you may know that you are dear to my heart. Nothing that comes in contact with my life remains stale and dead; I revive, I renew,’ says the Spirit of the living God. ‘That you may see that I even I am life, I am light and I am love,’ says the Spirit of the living God. For now, this moment, look into your tomorrow and see that what had stopped moving, a new fuel it receives that it may flow with this life; with this new life that I inject into you and that I inject into it. My child I have looked unto you and I have beheld you and I have known you, and I have been touched by the feelings of your infirmities and I have come to show you that I have loved you with an everlasting love and I have come to show you that I even I, who is in you, I am greater than anything that is in the world. I break into pieces that which had stopped you; which had put the progress of your desires, your needs and wants into stagnation, I break it into pieces. That you may flow once again, that you may progress once again and that you may know that it is not by might, it’s not by power but it’s by my Spirit,’ says the Lord.”

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

November 07, 2017


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